I often ask myself why did I have to meet you? We met in a strange way, in a strange place with a strange conversation. I had no idea you would have a huge impact on me. I met you several months ago, I was a bit lost and bored in my life and then you came along with your calming voice and sleepy eyes. We both like dogs and staying at home and jazz. We love old songs and films. We don't like texting from time to time and sending cheesy messages. We are so alike we could pass off as soul mates. My favorite moments were those when we will play sad songs while we were talking about our heartbreaks, our pains and all the things we've been through before we reach this point of life. It is not easy to talk about pain and sadness but with you, we are always in rhythm. You were there in my bad days and I was there in your raw state. I always wonder how could you make a really bad day turn into a best one. You help me cope up with sadness until you became the pain. We were like a really sad song with a really good melody. I know we tried with all the courage that's left from us. We took all the chances to try again and make it right but at some point or another it always gets messy and the same story will happen again until we ran out of chances until trying no longer works. I guess this is what happens when your emotional baggage is heavier than what you have for each other.

       Last night when I ask myself again why did I have to meet you, I got an answer. With you I learned to be patient about love. That there is good thing in waiting and being steady. Maybe I have to learn it from you so when the right one comes along I can love him patiently. We had bad days but those were paid off double by our good days. I remember the night you told me I am your favorite, I asked you what that means but you just smiled at me. I don't understand you sometimes but you are always honest and sincere. I know we finally reached our breaking point, our finish line, our last resort. I am going to a new year without you because we don't deserve each other anymore. I will always pray we will both end up happy, even if not together, but atleast happy. Because we deserve it.

P.S. You are also my favorite.

"Gusto kita"
( by: Anne Icaro)

"Gusto kita"
Mga katagang masarap pakinggan
Masarap paniwalaan
Masarap kapitan

"Gusto kita"
Dawalang salita na gumigising sa'yo sa umaga
Buong araw kang napapatawa
Hanggang gabi masaya ka

"Gusto kita"
Hindi ko malilimutan ang gabi na una mong sinabi saakin ang katagang "gusto kita". Dalawang salitang nagtulak saakin para tumahak ng isang landas na madilim at hindi pamilyar. Sa pag asa na ang iyong mga kamay ang magsisilbing mapa habang binabaybay ang kalsada papunta sa mas maliwanag na lugar.

Lumipas ang araw, linggo at buwan. Ang "gusto kita" ay nanatiling "gusto kita". Tumagal ang usapan. Lumalim ang nararamdaman. Pero ikaw, nanatili kang "gusto kita". Mahal, hindi ba tayo aabot sa "mahal kita"?

Ang "gusto kita" ay naging "gusto naman kita" na madalas ay may kasunod na "pero" at "baka".
"Gusto naman kita pero baka.."

And madilim na kalsada ay mas lalong dumilim, naging masukal at minsan ay kulimlim. Ang mga dating ngiti at pag asa ay napalitan ng kaba at duda. Hindi tayo nakarating sa lugar na sigurado at masaya.

Ang "gusto kita"
Ay natapos say
"gusto lang kita"

Breathing Baguio air for the First Time

Just like other wandering millennials out there, we started our journey to Baguio after work. September 15, 2016, we closed the shop around seven in the evening. Packed our bags and took a bus to Baguio without an itinerary. Being first timers in Baguio, all we had are sweatshirts, some cash and a booked room to stay in for three days. Being friends for almost a decade, it is our first out of town trip and we felt nothing but excitement.

Yakimix SM Dasmarinas - Soft Opening

Last Sunday, June 25, Yakimix SM Dasmarinas invited me in their soft opening. Who am I to say no to free buffet? lol. One thing I am sure about Cavitenos is that we love food. Here in Naic, which is a small town in Cavite, we have about countless of cafes and restos. That is why I wonder why there are no buffet restos here. Whenever we crave for Korean buffet or buffet in general the closest are in MoA, ATC or Tagaytay. But now, that Yakimix opened up a branch in Dasma, I am sure Cavitenos are in pure bliss.

Life Lately Volume 2

  •  Opened up our Maragondon branch. Last January 7, we opened up our second baby. You guys can't imagine the stress and pressure we've been through but it was all worth it.
  • Le Blanc coffee house celebrated its first anniversary last January 10. I was a year of blessings, lessons, mistakes and adjustments. We are forever grateful to all the people who supported and loved Le Blanc.
  • Faith, Cyrene & Jeff celebrated their birthdays in Tagaytay. We went first to Memory Lane but the food is too costly so we went to Serin and ate at Seafood Island. Just realized that we are not fit to expensive restos because we are the type of barkada who makes "lamon" not "kain" haha!
  • Went to Maginhawa with Anne, Pat & Iya. We tried my cousin's new food stall in The Station Food Park. And had coffee after in Cup Fiction.Ps. Iya can call us "Ninang" already. So cuteeeeee!
  • Visited Miniso and got obsessed. I bought an eyelash curler, a set of falsies and a make up remover. Seriously guys, Miniso is a gift from heaven. Good products in a cheap price. Good thing is Miniso will be having a branch here in Cavite. So excited for my next haul.
  • I lost my phone! Idk exactly what happened but the moment I arrived in our Maragandon branch I discovered that my phone isn't on my bag anymore. I freaked out and went home again to put my phone in lost mode. I got a bit sad because it's my dad's graduation gift for me. 
  • Back to reading! Finished two books this month. I've read "Holding up the Universe" by Jennifer Niven & "This is Where the World Ends" by Amy Zhang. Enjoyed both books but I don't think I'll be doing any review with these books.
  • Making the best out of this no-phone situation. Good this is I have unread books and right now is the perfect time to read them. 
  • Bought "Tuwing Ikatlong Sabado" by Words Anonymous. Time to reconnect with all kinds of art.
  • Had a bit of panic buying at Althea PH. I will be doing a blog post with my Miniso & Althea haul.
  • STRESS ALL OVER. One thing I noticed is that some people (I am not generalizing) have this perception that having a business is just all about chilling & bossing around. But no, definitely not. We are still experiencing stress and pressure and it's not easy.
  • Lots of things have been going on. Things, stuff, thoughts and whatnot. 2017 is pretty fast it is March already and all I can do is to cope up.

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