Caynipa Grande Escapade

Caynipa Grande is a not yet commercialized beach in Cavite. We were planning to go since last year but we were all quite busy. So this year, we said we should go for it. Since we are all craving for beach water and white sand. On May 7, Saturday, we left Naic around six in the morning. We road a boat from Naic to Caynipa. The travel time took 45 minutes. The boat rental costs 1,500. It can carry 6-8 persons including the things and foods. We reached Caynipa at 7:30am. The place mesmerized us all. The water is emerald and the sand is white. The weather was just perfect, we knew the day would be beautiful.

Another good thing about this hidden paradise is it's not costly. You'll just pay 200 pesos for the hut and that's all, no entrance fee and whatsoever. We ate and built our tent. Yup you should bring a tent if you're planning an overnight trip because they don't have rooms to accommodate you. Our bodies met the water as soon as everything is settled. We didn't mind the heat of the sun and the chance of getting tan. That's what I like about my friends, we just always enjoy the moment. The water is crystal clear. I swam and float and realized how much I love the sea.

While we were enjoying the sea water, our boy-friends prepared our lunch. They grilled the pork and chicken and cooked the shrimp. When we got back to the cottage, all we need to do is to eat (yup, our guy friends are very hands on haha). After lunch we just stayed in the cottage and reminisced the things happened way back in high school. Laughters, teasing and other things people who knew each other for a decade do.

Around four in the afternoon we hit the water again. Took some pictures and videos. While we were enjoying ourselves, the boys were preparing our dinner hehe. We took our dinner around 7pm. After that, we light up a bon fire at the sea side. We danced and sang and it was fantastic. We lay down and watched the stars and exchanged some conversations. After a while we went back to the cottage and started drinking and I got drunk for the first time in my life. I just realized I'm not cute when I'm sober haha. All I can say about that night is it was amazing.

I woke up at 5am, not gonna miss the sunrise and the morning air and the sound of splashing water. It was a great morning. Had some headache for being drunk last night. Had some bread for breakfast and talked about what happened last night and laughed about everything. We packed our things and waited for the boat to pick up us. We left the beach at 7am. The travel time took us almost three hours because the machine of the boat wasn't working well. Thank God we are safe.

I remember when we were still in high school, all these things we do now were just cliché dreams. The beach, the bon fire, the stars, the good conversation, the mountains and all the things we've all accomplished so far. It took me some time to let it all sink in. I never expected that our friendship would turn out like this. We are not friends anymore, we are now a family. And no one can ever imagine how much I love these people


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  2. hello, i just wanna ask you what kind of camera/phone did you used here? Thank you :)

    1. Hello! For this blog post I use my iphone 6 camera and my Nikon D5100 :)

  3. I haven't considered going to a beach trip in Cavite until now! I can't wait to be back in Luzon again so I can check this place out :D


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