I’ve been watching lots of films lately and I’ve realized that most of the films I’ve watched were about women who were abused and made wrong choices during their early life.
I have this thinking that what happens to everyone are just results of our actions. That we can’t just always blame other people because ourselves are our responsibilities. We are capable to make choices and face consequences. These young girls have faced difficulties in their lives, Their innocence about this world taught them to became better women.

1). 13 GOING ON 30

It is a story of a 13 year old girl who wished to speed up time and be a 30 year old woman. Jenna Rink (played by Jennifer Garner) is a 13 year old girl who wants to be a popular girl. She wishes to be like those girls in magazines; sexy, beautiful, perfect. On her 13th birthday she wished to be 30, and tadah! Her wish was granted. She was happy at first, she woke up living the life she never imagined but then she discovered that she made lots of mistakes in the years she skipped and now she is completely a different person. 
It is a romantic comedy fantasy film and I had fun watching it. You know, we can’t speed up time or even if we can, we should not because what we do everyday is the cause of what we will be in the future. So make the best out of everything and enjoy living. 3/5

This one is my favorite! Maybe because of Carey Mulligan (Love her! Love her! Love her!). It is a coming-of-age drama film. Jenny Mellor (play by Carey Mulligan) is an intelligent high school girl preparing for Oxford University. Her family raised her to focus on her study. Along the way she met David Goldman (played by Peter Sarsgaard), an older man who pursued her romantically. Peter showed Jenny the fun of life. They went to different fun events and fancy restaurants. For the first time, Jenny felt that her life isn’t boring. Because of the fun she became careless and forgot the value of learning.
I was actually bored to death when I watched this movie that’s why I like it so much. I’ve realized that before you can travel and wear fancy clothes, you should first get a job and earn money. Before you live the life you want, you should first work hard for it. 4/5

A story of friendship during the cold war and sexual revolution. Ginger and Rosa were best friends. They spent most of their time together, sharing their thoughts and having good times. Ginger (played by Elle Fanning), a girl who was threatened by nuclear holocaust and wants to do something for the world. Rosa (played by Alice Englert), a girl who is hungry for love and attention. Their friendship was tested when Rosa had an affair with Ginger’s father. 
It is really hard to relate in this movie because the setting was in 1960′s. The two character grew up after the war and we really don’t know how can that affect a person mentally and emotionally. 2/5

It a biographical drama film. Lovelace is a true story of Linda Boreman, better known as Linda Lovelace. Linda (played by Amanda Seyfried)  is an American porn actress in 1970′s. This also happened during the sexual revolution, when people is slowly accepting pornographic films. The film shows how Linda became a porn star and how her husband Chuck sell her body to earn money. 
It is actually a heavy drama film. My heart broke seeing how Linda treated by her husband. After the horror of her relationship with Chuck, she became an anti-pornographic activist and wrote a book Ordeal (an autobiography) that influenced many feminist groups. 3.5/5

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