Switching from Tumblr to Blogger

I was a 14 y/o teeny booper when I started blogging on Tumblr. It was the time when Friendster was slowly dying and Facebook was becoming a thing. To be honest I didn't enjoy Facebook at first. I find it boring because you can't customize your page, you can't pick the layout and colors you want. I only registered on Facebook because all my friends already left Friendster and of course because of Farmville and Friends for Sale. I was really happy when I discovered Tumblr. You can post anything you want and nobody cares. It's just perfect for a teenager like me who has many life dramas. Haha! You can also customize your page and I must admit I change my template every other day back then. You can add songs and you see lots of pretty photos. If you have a pretty photo back then, it was "pang-Tumblr yan" before it became "instagram worthy yan".

My first account on Tumblr is the account that I am using until now. So yes, that blog runs almost for seven years now. My early days on Tumblr my posts only consist of reblogs and then I turned it into an online diary. That blog witnessed the first time I fell and fall out of love and all the things I experienced when I was still a confused, naive and afraid high school girl. When I was in college I decided to blog with more sense. I started to write about books & films. I tried to write creatively.

Last year while I was re-reading my old entries I was amazed. There is something fascinating when you read something you wrote years ago. It's like my blog is telling me "this is what you feel and think back then". Sometimes I laugh at myself because what I wrote was very stupid and sometimes I am glad that there are things I wrote that I still live by until now. I was enjoying doing that so I told to myself I should keep doing this. I should keep blogging. I've made it for seven years, why not continue it? And of course write better. 

I realized I can't blog on Tumblr anymore. The codes and stuffs are becoming more and more complicated to me. So I research about other platforms and asked some advice from other bloggers I know. Some of them recommended Blogger so I gave it a try. I created an account. After some months I bought a template and started designing my page. I actually thought I can't make it because I don't understand a thing. I tried and tried and read some tutorials and viola! I made it! My next step is buying a domain. I got mine from Pangalan. The process was pretty easy though I encountered some problems but they reply as soon as possible when you e-mail them. And another good thing is that I have people to guide me, thank you a lot Ate Rain & Ate LA for answering my questions! Hehe 

Right now I am enjoying Blogger and it is pretty easy to use. No more codes and other complicated stuffs. Though I splurge some cash but it's totally worth it and it’s actually not that expensive. I got my template for only 250 pesos and my domain costs 550 per year. I will try to update as often as possible.

P.S. If you're thinking of switching to Blogger and have some questions. I am willing to help you. Just shoot me a message. Wink!


  1. yaaay congrats on getting your own domain and making the move, Anne :) I'm looking forward to your future posts :)

  2. Enjoy your stay on Blogger Anne! I miss my previous home! :)

    xx, Wandering Ella

    1. Thank you Janine. I'm having fun so far. ☺️

  3. I also used Tumblr before I switched to Wordpress. I became inactive there when I entered college. I didn't update it ever since. I got curious on Wordpress and Blogger. I created an account on both platforms but I don't know why I ended up with Wordpress. Haha! I got my domain from Pangalan too. I'm also looking forward for your future post. :)


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