Why Dating Made Me More of a Woman

I’ve been single for the past three years and with no doubt, that was the best three years of my life. Single-hood taught me a lot of things. I realized that I enjoy my own company. I like eating, watching movie and going out alone. I became more independent. I stopped depending myself and happiness to men. Though, I still go on dates, actually I’ve had many.
They say that if you want to know yourself better, focus on yourself. But that doesn’t mean that you will get yourself out of the dating pool because sometimes, we learn from others. I’ve dated different kinds of men. Some I took seriously and some are just too toxic to stay in my life. There are some who made me feel special and some treated me like a trash. I’ve had a man who made me realize how much I value my beliefs. I’ve had a man who showed me that I can be more than of what I am now. I’ve had a man who said that he loves my thoughts and that was the best compliment I’ve ever had. I’ve had a man who thinks I’m pretty but only on the outside. I’ve had a man who I liked so much so I made the first move. I’ve had a man who made me realized that there are still someone out there who can understand my complicated mind.
I’ve had many, some are worth the try and some are not but the point is they taught me a thing or two. We are made up of our own experiences and by the people we chose to know. Because of them I found out that I am forgiving and caring and brave and smart and most of all; that I am capable of giving endless shots for love and for myself. Dating made me realized what I really want and what I really deserve and an intelligent woman will never settle for less.


  1. Aaaww Alyssa I love this! I love how you believe in yourself and know your worth. It's inspiring :) Cheers to more life lessons hehe

    Chrizzia xx Thistled Soul

    1. Thank you Chrizzia. This means a lot. Checked your blog last night, your photos make me want to book a flight to London. Hihi


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