The Robin

This is a tale in round circles.
This is a feeling that went round and round.
This is me who left and came back.
This is you who keeps creeping in my heart.
I thought I am done loving you most but whenever I see that smirk
and the way you fall asleep it's really not that hard to endure pain.
When it's a no when I deserve a yes I told myself I deserve better but then
I saw your eyes in tears, I light up thousands of bulbs just to see you smile again.
When my heart can't handle the fire and the ice at the same time anymore,
seeing you laugh with eyes so bright makes the fire and the ice turn into
ocean breeze and steady sea. Whenever I turn around and try to walk away
I keep coming back to your warm hugs with high hopes that maybe
this time you'll know that I'll walk with you in rain and in sunshine or
even in hurricane. I know the bruises, the scars and the false hopes will fade
because my heart knew only your name.

You versus my Anxiety

I keep telling my self,
you are not them.
I'm convincing my self,
this could be different.
I'm trying not to chasten you with my terrible past and
aching heart. "This could be good" I told my self last night when
my paranoia had taken over me. You've planted something beautiful
in me and it feels strange, like a sunflower blooming on a rainy day, 
like a strawberry growing through a hot soil. I am teaching my self
to be fair and not punish you with their selfishness. "Trust me" your
ocean eyes told me while I was staring at them, while we were watching
sunrise, while we were restoring our hope that was gone long time ago.
We are both lost birds flying and exploring the sky for a long time
now, we had our time. Hold my hand. We're going home now.

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