We don't talk that much like we used to but I am glad that we are still talking. I don't know exactly but it's been weeks and it's amazing that we got this far knowing that we are both uncertain where we are going. The truth is I'm not expecting anything, I have nothing to hold on but I keep going and so are you. It's been four years since the last time I posted something about a guy on my blog. So I guess, you are kind of special. I don't love you and I'm not falling in love with you. I am old enough to know that. Though I admit that I like you as a person. I don't know much about you but you feel good. I like my self whenever we are talking. I find value in our conversations. You made me believe without expecting. I like it whenever you randomly send me pictures of dreamy places. One time while you were in a bus you took a picture of a train station and told me "I'll make you visit Lausanne" at that time I badly wish I was born super rich so I could afford to go to you. There was a time you tour me in your office and then there was a time you sent me a selfie after you got a new haircut. You are adorable and you are not even aware of it. 
                It turns me on that you work hard, I just really like hardworking people. We both like being busy, we can both relate to that. There are days you are so busy and all I get is a "good night" but at this point I am happy with that. I am happy about the feeling of contentment I get from your simple message. Looking back I am a person who demands a lot, but with you I learned to be contented and it feels really good. You inspires me to dream more and work harder, to travel and see the world. You have a positive impact on me. I badly wish you aren't miles away. You have a good heart and you respect me, that's what I like best about you. You are the type of person I'm praying for every night. I'd be lying if I tell I wouldn't mind if we wont meet because God knows how badly I want to meet you. Everything is a blur every time I try to vision us. I am not naive, I know how things like these work but it still saddens me that maybe at some point we will stop talking because we realized this isn't going anywhere. I know you don't read my blog, maybe you don't even know I have a blog. But I wrote this as personal as I can. Imagining that this is a letter I'm sending to you and you are the only one who can read it. So, if ever you made up your mind to leave please tell me good bye but if not, you know where to find me.

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