My love for makeup started when I got my first ever pressed powder. My cousin who was working at Watsons handed me a Garnier gift set. The gift set contains facial creams, scrub, foams and a pressed powder. The first time I tried the pressed powder I was amazed by how it changes my face or my skin, so yes I'm already using pressed powder and lip tint when I was in high school (landutay ko diba). When I got into college I started using bb creams, liquid foundations and whatnot. In short, I started trying and experimenting with base products. Now that I am earning my own money, I can splurge some for makeup and experiment more especially with eye shadow.
Of course this is not literally an "everyday" make up because I don't wear make up everyday especially when I'm just staying at home. This blog post is about my simple make up routine whenever I have to go somewhere or I just want to put on some make up.


I use Evian Water Mist as a moisturizer. I don't really like using cream moisturizer if I'll put on make up because you'll have primer and foundation after so it'll be lots of creams. And this facial mist hydrates your skin so it's enough for me.


I use Sooper Beaute The Porefctionist Serum. I got mine from Beauty Manila. I bought it because it's the cheapest primer you'll see though I don't like it that much. I'll just finish my bottle and look for another primer. Can you suggest a good primer for oily skin? hehe

Liquid Foundation

I love the L'oreal True Match Liquid Foundation but I just finished my bottle and when I was about to buy another one I saw this new L'oreal Mat 12H Liquid Foundation and said to myself "okay just try this one". So right now I'm using the Mat 12H foundation, the shade I got is a bit lighter than my skin tone but warming my face with bronzer can fix it. I enjoy it so far, it's really matte you don't need to put setting powder afterwards. Though, I think I'll still buy another bottle of true match.


I use the Revlon Photoready concealer. It's the best concealer I have ever tried and I don't really feel like changing or trying other concealers as of now.

Setting Powder

I use the Nichido Final Powder. Right now that I use a matte foundation I only use this powder to set/bake my concealer. The rumors are true about this setting powder. It's really good, it gives a smooth finish on your skin and the best part is, it's cheap.

Brow kit

My first step is to fill in my brows with powder, I use the IN2IT waterproof brow colour. It's my favorite since college, I have tried other brow powder but this one still stands out because it looks natural on my brows. Second step is to line my brows with a brow pencil, mine is the Malissa Kiss Super Shape Ultra HD Brow Pencil which I got from Beauty Manila. I love it because it's the same color as my brow powder, they are not too dark for me. The third and final step is to set my brows with a brow gel. I use the Nichido transparent brow gel. By doing these three steps I assure you that your brows will last for hours.

Contour & Blush

I use the L.A. Girl 3D Contour Blush. My friend Saab gave it to me last Christmas and I love it. It's pigmented and the color suits an everyday look. It's also compact so you can carry it around just in case you have to retouch

Lip Tint

For an everyday look I only use liptint. Mine is the Skin Genie Lip & Cheek Stain Alive. It' a normal liptint and it smells good.

So here's a before photo of me without anything on my face and an after photo of me with my everyday makeup.

Make up is a bit tricky especially if you're a beginner and doesn't know a lot about make up. I am no a beauty blogger nor a professional makeup artist but makeup is a continuous learning so don't be afraid to experiment and try different products and techniques. Ladies, there is nothing wrong about wearing make up. Loving and putting on make up isn't a sign of insecurity. Make up is fun. It is art. It's being creative. As long as you're happy with what you are doing then so be it. Let us stop putting limitations to our creativity just because the society says it's too much.


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  2. Hi, Anne!

    I suggest you get the Elizavecca Skin Liar primer. It's a really good primer and I had to get one as well since a lot of beauty bloggers/vloggers are raving about that particular primer from Korea. You can get yours in Shopee or order from Althea PH. :)

    - Patricia //

    1. Thank you for this Patricia! I'll check it out. 😊

  3. I love this! I also use Nichido as my setting powder and it really works so darn good. I bought it in an instant with no regrets. :-)

    Dianne Kathreen

    1. Yes! I heard a lot of good reviews with Nichido products. Good thing is it's not expensive. 😊

  4. You have a very simple makeup routine but it still make a difference in your look. Planning on posting a similar entry, I hope you can check it also nextime.

    rej |

  5. I haven't tried putting makeup myself except for liptint and powder but I really want to try! And I'm very curious about the Nichido powder. I think I should try one of those soon. :)

    Angelica|The PolyHobbyist


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