Breathing Baguio air for the First Time

Just like other wandering millennials out there, we started our journey to Baguio after work. September 15, 2016, we closed the shop around seven in the evening. Packed our bags and took a bus to Baguio without an itinerary. Being first timers in Baguio, all we had are sweatshirts, some cash and a booked room to stay in for three days. Being friends for almost a decade, it is our first out of town trip and we felt nothing but excitement.

After a six hour drive, we arrived in Baguio around nine in the morning. Baguio in September was calm and wasn't that cold which I like since I only brought shorts. We had our breakfast in a small eatery and then checked in in our room. Gave our bodies some rest and a good bath after sitting in the bus for hours. Once everyone was done, we went out and start roaming the city of Baguio. Clueless that this city will scored on my heart

Carlo and Jha taking it seriously haha!
Palaban sina mamshie.
Yup! We are the view haha.
Ketshup Food Community

Our first stop, of course, is Burham Park. Tried the famous strawberry ice cream and the swan boat, yup! A legit tourist. Our next stop is Mines View Park, where you can dress up as Igorot and where you can get the nicest view in Baguio. We had our lunch at Ketchup Food Community, it is a food park where you can cross order.

My most favorite shot during our Baguio trip, Wright Park is really something.
Carlo walking away from responsibilities. lol

After eating like there's no tomorrow, it started raining but it didn't stop us to visit Wright Park, we took photos and videos. While strolling around Wright Park I remember saying in my head "There's nothing special here" not until I saw the photos I took and realized that Wright Park has its own beauty if you look closely. We also visited the Mansion and then went back to our room to rest and wait for the Night Market

Around nine in the evening we left our room, thrilled to experience the Baguio Night Market. I was surprised by the sudden flow of people, the calm Baguio we saw when we first stepped in became a busy city with overflowing tourists. The Baguio Night Market is exactly what we imagined, filled with thrift stuff for low prices. I didn't buy anything because they sell mostly jackets and sweatshirts which you couldn't wear in Cavite weather. We also tried street foods and had our dinner at Good Taste, so worthy of the price. You'll get a full plate for only 99 pesos. I am craving for their veggies at this very moment. Went back to our room and ended our first day in Baguio.

The mesmerizing garden in BenCab Museum
Having our lunch at Cafe Sabel

On our second day, we visited BenCab Museum which is what I am really looking forward to. It is quite far from Baguio City proper so we took a taxi. Upon entering, several artworks welcomed us. The museum looked like a modern house. It has several rooms for every kind of artworks. The place wasn't crowded at that time so we had a chance to took many photos and roam around as much as we could. After appreciating artworks we tried the cafe inside the museum, Cafe Sabel. The foods are good but a bit expensive. My favorite part of the museum is its garden. Can't even describe how beautiful the place is. We stayed in the hut to relax and exchange some conversation. We left BenCab aroung six and went to SM Baguio, I bought Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur (which is one of my favorite writers) as a birthday gift for myself. We walked again and looked for a small and local cafe but our wandering feet brought us to this fancy coffee shop named, Patch Cafe. It was a chill second day in Baguio. No itinerary, no pressure. We just enjoyed the city and ate a lot.

We agreed to leave for Manila at noon, of course, that didn't happen. We fell inlove and didn't want to leave. In the morning, they did a little birthday celebration for me and Bea, A cake and some colorful balloons. After we packed our bags and checked out, we went to SM Baguio and left our stuff in the package counter, so we could roam around more. We bought souvenirs and whatnot. Honestly I can't remember what else we did but we lost track of time and evening came unnoticed. Went to terminal and left Baguio with a promise to myself to come back.

Baguio scored on my heart. Up until now I still find my self daydreaming about the cold weather, fresh veggies, busy streets at night and Baguio as it is. It is place I will definitely go to if ever I need a pause. Or maybe a place I could see myself settling in. It may not be as mesmerizing as Palawan nor as adventurous as other tourist spots here in Philippines, but with no doubt the reason why people keep coming back is because no matter where you are from, Baguio feels like home.

Watch this to have a glimpse of our Baguio trip. 


  1. Omg I just read a Baguio-related post before I saw yours. This is telling me something haha I should definitely go back.

    Lovely photos, Anne! <3


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