The Blogger
Hello there! I am Anne Icaro, a freelance graphic artist, coffee shop owner and frustrated writer from Cavite. I like jazz and indie music. I am a lover of life and still learning the art of living. I believe in kindness, hope and hard work. My heart skips a beat whenever I see fluffy animals, plants and ice cream. I have this obsession with quality papers and it makes me want to own a printing shop someday. I am spending most of my time sipping coffee and reading a good book. I am not really good in describing my self so I will let my blog posts do the talking.

The Blog
This is a personal blog. An online diary. A home for my addled thoughts. Here, you will mostly see my adventures with my friends, some poems, my love for old films, my musings in life, artworks and anything my heart wants to say.

INSTAGRAM: @anneicaro

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